What ?


Yes, i know. Dah lama sangat dah tak bukak blog. 
Last seen about a year or several month ago right? *i guess
It was like, maafkan gua blog sebab gua lupakan anda.
So, theres something in my head yang kacau riuh rendah porak perandakan hidup gua.
Its like, do you wanna build a snowman but in scream out loud version. 
Yes. Annoying. Malaysia bukan ada snow pun. Nak build apa nya ? 


So, i called my mom after called hubby sayang. Hubby sayang was like layan tak layan and so gua beralih arah call mama and was cried. 

Ma was like. 
heyyy what happen? Telephone ma lepas tu cried. Why ? Hang takkan nangis because of nothing. 

And i replied nothing and mama said. 
Every problem has its own solution pah. Its jumaat. Go pray. Allah provides every problem with a solution. Now stop crying. Its will be fine. 

and i cried harder. 

Mama's words was wise enough

Lepas tu sembang merapu. Mama know how to merapu ft merepek things up.

Allah. Panjangkan umur mama as she can look how hard i struggle for my future and try to pay back for what had she struggle to let me have a good life like right now. Ya Allah. ... Ameen.