Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

And yes. Lama gila apak tak update . Tobat ramai yang rindu ni . *perasan 
kannnnnn ? kannnnn ? kannnnn ? Jangan nak tetipu k . Berdosa ye anak-anak .
We are gonna talk about YET for today . Yet is a word that describe a lot of things. 
And i am in love with this word . YET
yes, yet can describe many things . Feelings especially . 
Just if you know what i mean. *tetiba masuk english kau ! HAHA 

Yes, wa memeyh membajet sikit bila dengan English. 
Yet, you dont know that im so in love with English ! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! *histeria

ok . Yet maybe just a word, but the meaning of the word. You yet not understand what am i talking about rite ? hmmm . 
so many time but yet, so little time . 
i have a lot to say, but yet, i just stay quiet. 
so many to do, but yet, i stay in the bed . 
is it friday yet
yet, you're beautiful . 
yet, be yourself . 
yet, im in love .
and more yet . 
Yes . YET

HAHA . entah lah . Yet . I just wanna to keep updating this blog . 
Biar bersawang just not my style but myspace, terpaksalah akuh biar bersawang . *hipokrit 

yet, we still try hard to be happy . :)

YET, crying just made my day feels better .