how STUPID we can be ?

Assalamulaikumwarahmatullah . 
how STUPID we can be ? *pebetul spect .
hmphh .. post kali neh agak memualkan . muntah darah habaaaqqq hangggg ! 
dah nak startt ! 
how STUPID we can be ?
when someone says that they love us and we just ignore it .

when the thing is in front of our hazel eyes and we just close it .

when that someone give us something valuable and we just throw it .

when that someone is taking care of us and we just waste it .

when that someone always there for us and we think that they are just wasting their time .

how STUPID we can be ?
when that someone just ignore us one day and we will think of them .

when someone almost gone from us and we just say nothing .

when someone is already gone and we will start thinking of them .

how STUPID we can be ?
when that someone is already happy with someone else and we here just could flash back about what had that someone done for us, wasting their time for us, giving something the most valuable thing for us. we will start missing that someone . 

how STUPID we can be ?
cause we had waste someone who is most important for us .
cause we had just let go someone who really love us .
cause we had missing someone who we dump them before .

start thinking : how STUPID we can be ?
dah abis dah . see ? think bout it . 

FACT : im start thinking now. iloveyouahbie (!) .